Welcome to ArcInTex Network

A research-through-design friendly network.

ArcInTex is a network where Architecture, Interaction Design and Textiles join forces in developing ideas, techniques, methods and programs for new perspectives on design for building, dwelling and living and do so through:

  • joint research projects,
  • joint applications for funding larger projects,
  • exchange programs on the Master and research levels,
  • joint conferences and workshop on emergent topics.

As research into the natural sciences and the engineering sciences introduce new materials and new technology, there is an increasing need to explore what new opportunities and consequences are introduced for the design of our future living environments.

In opening new design spaces, it is of basic importance to look for connections to and to bridge traditional areas. In space design, it is of particular interest to bridge the near-field space design – interior and textile design – and the far-field space design – architecture. This is where interaction design provides a link that also introduces a duality in connections when switching identities, with respect to techniques and methods, between near-field and far-field perspectives.

The basic challenge for the network is, in a collaborative effort, to explore ways for architecture, interaction design and textile design to interact in order to provide foundations for new forms of space and interaction design.